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New in English!!!
A 58 page COMIC book by Quoom

A frightening story that tells of the fate of a Barbarian Queen defeated in battle, captured, and then left to death on the cross.

The Romans were famous for their cruelty and lack of respect for their prisoners of war and slaves. They had no mercy, and even less if their hated enemy was a famous and beautiful woman.  The historical context is very accurate.  This story will impress you!


All characters are 18 years old or older.
This is an entirely fictional work based on
cartoon characters for adult entertainment.
It shows no real people or events.
The characters are shown participating in
CONSENSUAL role-play for their own
personal satisfaction, simulating activities
which involve sexual dominance and

FALL OF BARBARIAN QUEEN English version. Only in electronic PDF format

Price 23.99 Euro

42 BC

Rome controls virtually all the known world. Pax Romana, the Roman Peace, is the order of the day, except on the northern border, where the fighting continues. Barbarian tribes have organised themselves into guerrilla groups and are constantly harassing the invading Roman armies. Rome is all-powerful at the centre, but its forces are badly stretched at many points of the northern border.

Neyra, the enigmatic Warrior Queen, is the most famous of the "rebel" warriors. She is the most wanted person in the whole Empire. Caesar Octavius has put a price on her head.

She is the subject of many stories, true and false, in Rome. She is believed to be young and uncommonly beautiful, with long flaxen hair that shines like gold in the sunlight. A spy who once saw her addressing her men reported that her hair flowed like a silver river in the moonlight. Some said that it shone with its own light. Many believed that all men who saw her fell in love with her. There was talk of magic powers...

She was said to be as skilful in the use of weapons as any Roman general.

Caesar Octavius grew uneasy at the rumours about her. He decided to send one of his cruellest fighters, Caius Sadicus, to find a way of putting an end to this living legend...

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A masterpiece 3D art comic book. A collector's choice

FALL OF BARBARIAN QUEEN English version. Only in electronic PDF format

Price 23.99 Euro


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