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New in English!!!
Adult Comic Album by CAGRI

HIGH RESOLUTION PDF deluxe edition
45 full comic pages by CAGRI



All characters are 18 years old or older.
All action is simulated and involves
no real people.
The authors/publishers do not condone
violence of any kind.
These are completely fictional comics
for adult entertainment. 

Cagri One, a huge container ship, is heading for East Africa round the Cape.  It set sail from the Russian coast on the Baltic Sea four days ago with a cargo of four thousand containers.

Itís a dark night and a storm is brewing.  The boat is in international waters at last.

Captain Musorsky, Dr Engels and various members of the crew leave the bridge and go down to the cargo hold.  The sinister group stop in front of container No. WT98707JUT.

Itís a very special containerÖ

Inside it are twenty-four carefully selected women, all chosen for their striking beauty.  They have been in chains and in the dark for four days now, gagged and blindfolded.

They are terrified.  They woke up like this and they do not know what is happening.  They cannot remember how they came to be there.

White Trading, a company specialized in white slavery, has chartered the boat.  The girls were seized in the North of Europe, most of them in the ex-Soviet republics, where the mafias have a free hand.  Their destiny is the African and Gulf markets.  There are people ready to pay the highest prices for them: corrupt rulers of bankrupt countries, arms dealers and drug lords, all willing to pay whatever is demanded for beautiful young, white, slaves.

Not all of the beauties chained up in the container are anonymous.  There are commission jobs, like Elizabeth Duncan, the wife of the Ambassador in Rambia until the European Union closed the Embassy in the wake of the scandals surrounding General Idi Tata.  He was widely believed to be a criminal against the humanity and a cannibal.

In retaliation, General Tata commissioned White Trading to capture the former Ambassadorís lovely wife, who was a famous figure in European diplomatic circles.

What the General does not know is that White Trading has also captured Danielle, Mrs Duncan daughter, just eighteen years old.  Danielle is almost as famous and certainly as beautiful as her distinguished mother.

The company plan to give one of their best clients a little surprise gift, the daughter.  A double package would quench the Generalís thirst for revenge, and would help satisfy his criminal inclinationsÖ

In ENGLISH. Available electronically in PDF format. See bottom of page

Price 19.99Euro (aprox US $19.90)


Mother and daughter are chained together for the pleasure of an
African General who is a cannibal monster...

Price 19.99Euro (aprox US $19.90)



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