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Tips for using the search engine

1- The minimum number of characters for a word to perform a search is 4. 

2- Listed below is an example of your search options.  

2.1 apple banana find pages that contain at least one of these words.  

2.2 +apple +banana find pages that contain both words.  

2.3 +apple macintosh finds "apple", but rank it higher if it also contains "macintosh".  

2.4 +apple -macintosh word "apple" but not "macintosh".  

2.5 apple* "apple", "apples", "applesauce", and "applet".* represents 0 or more characters and can only occur at the end of a search word!  

2.7 "some words" find pages that contain the exact phrase "some words" (for example, pages that contain "some words of wisdom" but not "some noise words").


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PDF in a CD.  If you prefer, we'll burn a CD-ROM e specially for you with the PDF files that you choose. Postage (14.99 Euro) will be added to the total cost of the books. If you want to order on a CD-ROM please check the corresponding check-box in the shopping cart.

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